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Updated: Nov 29, 2017

One situation

that was created by humanity's social leaders saying

that the first transgression of Law against mans Maker, was

committed by Eve.

Social leaders have taught for thousands of years that Eve made the first sin. According to the knowledge discovered from the Great Arcanum, Eve didn't do it. She had nothing to do with the"original sin" of humanity. There is no reference in scripture that indicates man's Maker ever spoke to Eve, until He asked her a question. The only knowledge that Eve possessed about the Makers Words, were given to her by Adam.He told her the Maker's Words about the fruit. He told her the Maker said not to eat it, lest we would surely die.(Gen 2:17) According to Old Testament scripture, only the snake and Adam spoke to Eve, except when the Maker asked her “What is this that you have done?” (Gen 3:13) The woman

said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” Since the snake didn't tell her what the word "deceived"means, how did she know the conjugation of the verb deceit? Further, the snake didn't deceive Eve. He was speaking to her in the context of her understanding of what it means to die. Eve misunderstood the meaning of the Maker when she was told by Adam, they would die if they ate the fruit. She was not aware that her existence was eternal as the Maker. She was told that the Maker said they would surely die, if they ate. The snake was talking about their mortal life when he said Eve wouldn't die, but the Maker was referring to

their eternal lives. In the context of Eve's understanding, the snake didn't deceive her after all. Adam and Eve lost their eternal lives. As far as Eve was concerned, she didn't die as the snake said. When the Maker became aware that Adam disregarded His Command, by

eating the fruit. That was the original transgression. They both lost their eternal lives and were exiled to the earth, for rehabilitation and restitution. According to scripture, the Maker and His Community are righteous. Apparently, any entity within the Makers Community must also be righteous or be immediately removed. Restitution is the penalty paid by an offending transgressor. Man's consequence is separation from his Maker. Rehabilitation is for man to demonstrate the necessary applications of appropriate behavior and righteousness. The appropriate behavior must be demonstrated on the earth, before man can be considered for acceptance by the Community of the Maker. Eve could not have committed humanity's "original sin," because she was new to existence and the Maker never spoke to her until after He rested. Her absence of knowledge about her environment caused her to be ignorant of reality, like a brand new baby. New creatures must be taught the realities of existence, to survive. In this case, it was Adam's responsibility to teach Eve the realities of

existence and he did not. Adam knew that his existence was in the same state as his Maker. During that period, segments of 10s of thousands of years was expressed in terms of a

day, by the Maker. Where man is concerned, those same relative events are expressed in millions and hundreds of thousands of years. The untrue declaration that Eve

committed humanity's "original sin" has existed for as long as man's explanation. The deceit and cover-over of the truth, has now been removed. In all reality, Adam blew it. The original transgression of the Maker's Word, is Adam's disregard of his Maker's Command. Adam did what his Maker told him not to do. The Maker made man in his Maker's image, after their likeness (of manner) for the specific purpose to perpetuate humanity's existence on the earth. The importance of man to the Maker's purpose, is demonstrated by the fact that

man was made in the same state of eternal existence as his Maker. The purpose of man in the Maker's original plan, was man's existence within the same state of his Maker's existence. It is clear, man's purpose to his Maker is important because man wouldn't exist, if his presence wasn't important. The Maker brought all of the universe and the earth's creatures into existence and it was good (Gen 1:31 through 2:3). The Maker was pleased and

proud of what He has done, until man threatened the destruction of his Maker's whole intention. The evil of man is, his disregard of the Maker's knowledge of the reality of existence. Man's absence of knowledge about the realities of existence makes man ignorant of the needs of his purpose and responsibilities, to perpetuate the existence of humanity on the earth. In this case, ignorance

is NOT bliss.

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