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Updated: Nov 29, 2017

Thank you again for supporting LAPAEL Research in its efforts to investigate the Great Arcanum Discovery. The value of the discovery is knowledge of  thousands of years that has been non-existent to humanity because of humanity's disregard.

Dear Associate,

The knowledge of humanity's existence  from their origin that was presented to humanity over 3,000 years ago. During a time when the literacy rate of the middle eastern population was less than 0.1%. The only people that could read and write were the rich, heads of state, scribes and social leaders. Social leaders modified the Words that were  intended for humanity and presented the modified version to  humanity instead. Social leaders made their own belief systems for humanity to accept as truth, while they disregard the knowledge of the purpose and responsibilities for humanity to exist. By agreement with social leaders, humanity disregards the knowledge of their purpose and responsibilities to perpetuate their own existence. In exchange in exchange, they won't know what they have until they need it.That's really strange behavior for people with the capability of their Maker. Humanity surrendered that capability because they didn't know any better. They are ignorant of their reality. They have no knowledge of their own purpose to exist or responsibilities to perpetuate their continued existence on the earth. What is it that makes humanity so arrogant? Humanity knows that every creature of life on the earth exists for purpose and responsibilities to fulfill. Humanity knows that all creatures of life fulfill their purpose and responsibilities to exist. Again, what is it that makes humanity believe that their specie has no purpose or responsibility to exist, except to praise and glorify their Maker. Humanity's behavior is based on the fact that they have no knowledge of their purpose or responsibility to perpetuate their own continued existence. Only humanity can fulfill humanity's purpose and responsibilities but  humanity can't because humanity is ignorant of its responsibilities for continued existence. Humanity  agreed to purposely disregard the knowledge of its own reality to exist and accept the illusions of human thought. The description given of an illusion is nonexistent. Therefore, humanity's knowledge of their purpose and responsibilities to exist   are nonexistent. Words provided as truth that are accepted as truth, without validating their truth is at great risk of being deceived. Accepting the nonexistent as truth, is the basis of ignorance regarding any subject.

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