This website is the home of LAPAEL, a social research company.


LAPAEL exists to research, investigate and validate the meaning of our discoveries for evidence of lost knowledge that has been recently discovered. We validate and certify the discovered evidence is fact. Reality is the function of existence. Humanity has the capability to adjust and meet variable needs for population balance in life. There are two absolute components of existence, reality and nonexistence. Two extremes between which, every creature of life lives including humanity. All must fulfill their responsibilities to exist.

There is and has been an ongoing effort by leaders of humanity, to maintain the process of creating another world that is in conflict with human reality. The basis of this newest world is not reality, it is belief. Positive or negative conjecture that has been accepted and believed to be true, without validating the information received for its truth. False and untrue information is routinely provided to unsuspecting, vulnerable human victims that don't validate and verify the information received, before accepting it as truth. When lies are accepted as truth, each lie covers-over and hides the reality from our minds. What a believer thinks he may have gained by accepting invalidated information, may well be ignorance of what's under the covered-over reality. Human predators purposely lie to distract believers from the truth of their own existence. Predators lie to benefit from believers that don't validate and verify the words they receive. The words are promised to be true by those that say, "believe me." It's always good practice to validate and verify that the promised truth is there. If not, don't accept the words received. The more lies that are accepted from predators that are lying, the more ignorant of reality believers become. The fact is, any person that is ignorant of their own reality can't possibly function in support of their own existence. Humanity has purpose. If they are not aware of their own reality, it would be impossible for them to fulfill their required responsibilities to exist. For predators to succeed, each individual must accept the predator's words as truth. Humanity's victims continue to grow because they don't validate for truth of predators words, before accepting them as truth.

Reality has existed on the earth since the time before humanity's arrived. Reality is existing or occurring facts; actual rather than imaginary, ideal or fictitious. Consider, humanity accepting lies over truth for over 3,000 years. Today, the loss of knowledge from humanity's reality began the process of human ignorance regarding their reality. Humanity has become trapped within an alternate reality, in the minds of believers. Being blind and unknowing, humanity proceeds in life with the belief of their acceptance and the ignorance of their disregard. Belief cannot exist in the presences of reality. Humanity's profile includes the necessity of belief as an innate component of human body function. Belief is defined as any cognitive content of conjecture within the human psyche that is accepted and held as a positive or negative decision of individual choice. It is necessary for inclusion because of the predetermined specifications for making the first human. Man's Maker said, "let us make man in our image." That specification is specific to man's purpose to exist. The Makers image is as Creator therefore, humanity was made with the capability to create, as does man's Maker. The first human made was given 

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responsibilities to fulfill. To name all of the animals that move on the earth; to multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth, including humanity. Their purpose is to manage the earth's creatures of life, under the authority of man's Maker. All creatures have instincts that are programmed at the time they were made, to behave in a manner that insures the ongoing perpetuation of human existence. Humanity is made functionally similar as other animal creatures of life. However, the predetermined specifications for humanity's design, only relate to their mental capabilities and capacity. Humanity's mind is provided with the potential power and capability of man's Maker, to create. Humanity's responsibility is to follow the directions of the Makers Words of survival that perpetuates the ongoing function of humanity's existence. If the responsibilities of humanity are not fulfilled, there is no other alternative for survival. Regardless of reason for failing to fulfill their responsibilities, any reason for failure will not be accepted. The unfulfilled responsibilities of the Makers Words for human survival, combined with the free will of humanity has created a crisis for human existence.

The absence of knowledge will expose the antithetic ignorance of humanity that will disallow the fulfillment of their responsibilities to exist. Nonexistence means exactly what it says, nothing. However, the first human used nothing as an important element of humanity's first creation. To create means making something out of nothing. And, that just what the first human did. He took nonexistence and attached an illusion to it and made his first creation, a lie. Nonexistence defines the boundary of reality. Man took nothing and made something, by attaching a false description of an illusion to the nonexistent, created the first lie in the mind of human victims. The first human created a family of lies that include disregard, deceit, the lie and several others. All are the tools of human predators to distract prey and consume the assets of their human victims. Deceptions are created to distract victims from the reality of their purpose. To disregard a promised deeds fulfillment of a valid agreed upon expectation of another, provide disappointment and possibly loss of assets and respect from others. Believers have agreed to disregard the knowledge of our reality, but accepts the illusions of nonexistence, created and presented to humanity by humanity, as truth. Conjecture is presented to humanity as truth, to convince their victims to accept them as truth. When knowledge is disregarded, we lose the privilege of knowing our own reality.

Research has been done regarding studies of lies told by people per day. According to various conclusions lies told average between three to 27 lies told/day. Let's use Kansas City, Missouri with a metropolitan population of over one million people. Let's say the average number of lies told per person is 10 per day. In a week, that's 70 lies told. In a year, 3,640 lies told by one person. In a city, with a population of 1 million, that's an average of 3,640,000,000 lies told per year, in just one city. Humanity does a lot of lying! Consider all of the people in the U.S. which totals about 330 million people. To get a real idea of the destructive behavior of lying. LAPAEL is beginning the dialog about the destruction of lying, against humanity's efforts to survive.