To demonstrate the fact that this is not the only instance of alarm for humanity's concern of high risks.

There was an identical condition of the same high risk concern for human survival; review HOSEA 4:6.


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What is the other side of belief?

About Us

What is the other side of belief?


Is knowledge and belief the same?

What is the difference between knowledge and belief?

LAPAEL exists to research and prove the knowledge that humanity needs to perpetuate their continued existence. Humanity exists for purpose and that purpose is a responsibility that must be fulfilled, to perpetuate humanity's ongoing life. LAPAEL seeks evidence to discover the facts of our own reality. Our reality is the existence in the earth's environment which contains all creatures of life. The balance in our environment is the basis for creatures of life to perpetuate their continued existence.


  • Are knowledge and belief the same? 

  • What is the difference between knowledge and belief?

  • Knowledge belongs to all humanity because the bases of knowledge are facts of human reality.

  • Belief can only exist if there is no knowledge. Personal conjecture is not reality and can only exist when accepted as truth, by humanity. 


Research to identify realities of social inequities and provide training and assistance to achieve personal equity among members of society. 


  • Research the Great Arcanum Discovery, the knowledge that has existed, untouched for over 3,000 years. 

  • LAPAEL Social Research Company to identify problems and provide the opportunity for a direct social contribution of solutions. 

  • Research and discover evidence that proves the Creation Story is based on facts of reality.